Energetic Alignment

Let the ‘Real’ You shine through

Energetic Alignment is intended to help you feel more connected to yourself and what feels right for you. Old patterns of behaviour drop away and connections with other people feel more honest as you start to operate from ‘the real you’. From the first session, clients report feeling calmer, more grounded and more able to cope with everyday challenges and decisions. WARNING: You may leave your session feeling VERY relaxed…zzzzz…..

Read on below for further information about this unique treatment.

What is Energetic Alignment?

When there is misalignment in your physical body, whether in your joints, bones or muscles, it affects your whole well-being. This is when we have learnt to ‘listen to our body’ and visit our practitioner of choice to remedy the situation. However, have you noticed that the same is true for your emotional well-being too? Most people don’t realise that misalignment in our energetic system gives a similar sense of un-wellness.  As a society we tend to ‘soldier on’ and haven’t yet learnt to search out the help or skills we need in order to maintain ourselves on an energetic level. This is where Energy Healing, Clearing and Balancing all come in.

Energetic Alignment is a single treatment, given over 12 sessions, that is designed to give your energy system a comprehensive, powerful upgrade by removing the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from living the life you want. It is designed to help you to start operating in a powerful way from your unique purpose.. Be aware that this process can create real change in your life.

Why 12 sessions?

Energetic Alignment is one treatment, divided up into 12 specific sessions that will clear and rebuild the structure of the energy body. It is a sequential process where each session builds on the previous one by moving into a deeper layer of the energy field. The journey is very individual and everyone experiences it differently. Some people may experience a sense of calm, clarity and more honest communication throughout the 12 weeks while other people could experience a lot of change as things not in alignment with them fall away (e.g. friendships, destructive relationships, jobs etc.) However, ultimately everyone reports that they are in a better place ‘for them’. 

What does a session involve?

The sessions are relaxing and nurturing, they will involve you lying on a massage table, with hands on healing and very light energetic style massage. Feedback from clients is that they aren’t used to relaxing so fully, in fact many people even fall asleep in the session and report ‘floating’ out afterwards!


 I feel blessed to have helped so many beautiful people along their Energetic Alignment journey. It is humbling to be able to witness the changes in someone over the sessions as they break free of their default patterns and reactions to find calm, clarity and an alignment with their values and purpose.

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What are the benefits of Energetic Alignment?

  • Do you feel stagnant or ‘stuck’?
  • Is it hard to make decisions or cope with challenges?
  • Are you searching for your ‘true purpose’?
  • Do you want more honest connections with yourself and others?
  • Break free from old behaviour patterns?
  • Clear past trauma
  • Alleviate stress and overwhelm

  • Process feelings of loss

  • Align with your true self

  • Feel calmer and more balanced

  • Emotional release

  • More honest connections

  • Deeeeeeep relaxation!

Who are our clients? 

The reasons our clients come to us vary greatly, from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to relationship changes; struggling with teenagers, parents, toddlers; unhappy in a job through to people who have done a lot of work on themselves and are looking for the next step in that journey. We also treat a lot of people who have been told to ‘just try it’ by partners, family or friends. Usually we do find that if something about Energetic Alignment has caught  your eye then it’s probably exactly what you need right now! As the first session can be done as a standalone, complete treatment many people come along and try Session One to see if it feels right for them. 

Overwhelmed parents

It seems that we had it all planned. We knew exactly who we were, what we wanted and what kind of parent we would be, until the babies came! Then all bets were off.. if not after the first, then definitely after the second or (gulp) third! Sometimes it is hard to reconcile your daily life with the parent you dreamt of being and with that can come guilt, overwhelm and stress. You know deep down you’re doing the best you can but it just seems every day is a struggle. Energetic Alignment can help you move towards finding that sense of calm, balance and fun we are all striving for.

Uncertain Future

Whether it’s that your children have recently left home or perhaps you are retiring or looking to change career, often there comes a point where we’re not quite sure what the ‘next stage of life’ looks like for us. Making compromises as a parent, a partner, or for your job, can leave you feeling uncertain about ‘who you are’. Energetic Alignment helps you come into alignment with what feels right to you.

Relationship Difficulties

When you are struggling to communicate in an existing relationship or finding it hard to move on from a past one, taking time to reconnect with yourself is an important part of the journey. 

Grief or Loss

Losing a parent or other significant loved one can be a difficult process. Many clients struggle to deal with the emotions that arise not only from the loss but the difficult family battles that can arise at this difficult time.

What are people saying about Energetic Alignment?

  • I  can honestly say that I have never had anything reach beyond my wall as what this Energetic Alignment has. Absolutely healing and a wonderful wonderful experience. I truly look forward to each session just to reach this place again. I am so relaxed for days after each session and I have a much clearer mindset. Totally beyond any expectation. This experience is extremely sacred. Thank you Anita x

  • Best thing I have done for myself ever…

  • I found my sessions of EA to be very fulfilling and rewarding. It helped ground me and get my life centred again after a traumatic experience. Many thanks for your expertise Anita.
  • Client after session 1: ‘I feel so much more normal and back to being my real self after my session with you’. After session 6: ‘I’m feeling more balanced and grounded, which is a beautiful way to be’.
  • A beautiful soul came in for her week 3 treatment and the change in her in the two weeks since we met was the type of change you’d expect over months or even years. From emotion filled and overwhelmed to calm, steady and able to navigate difficult life situations. Seeing the change in 2 weeks makes me excited to see what the next 9 weeks will bring. Thank you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey.

Your Therapist

About Anita

I have always loved learning and so when my role as a health coach introduced me to the concept of personal growth I embraced it wholeheartedly. However, once I became mum to two beautiful, crazy, noisy and energetic boys, looking after myself took a back seat for a while. A wonderful energy healing session with one of my best friends mid-2014 reminded me of the importance of looking inwards and so began my Energetic Alignment journey. For me it was a transforming, sometimes challenging, 12 week journey where the next session could never come soon enough! I savoured each week and the changes it brought about in me and my life.

That journey, and the months that followed, brought about huge growth in me as a person, a partner and especially as a mother and by the end I knew I wanted to help other people, especially mums, to feel the same sense of calm and balance. 

I feel blessed to have helped so many beautiful people on their own Energetic Alignment journey. It is extremely rewarding to witness the changes in someone over the sessions as they break free of their default patterns and reactions to find calm, clarity and alignment with their values and purpose. 

 But What About After?

How to Maintain Your Results

Listen to yourself

The beautiful thing about Energetic Alignment is that you don’t need to ‘do’ anything. You will take what you need out of each session whether you’re fully aware and present, meditating or asleep! Sometimes you may find that old thoughts and feelings can come up during the session or in the days after it.  While the majority of old situations and feelings will clear or diminish simply by bringing them to the surface, occasionally those feelings and energies may linger, leaving you feeling a little unsettled. If that happens during  your journey then my suggestion is to listen to yourself and do what feels right to you. It may be that you need to say ‘no’ to certain situations and take time out for yourself; you may like to journal or talk to a friend about it; or my personal favourite is to get out into nature. In my experience most negative energy and feelings can be cleared by simply heading to the ocean and taking a deep breath or, even better, by getting your feet into the salt water!

Further Sessions

Once you have had  your 12 sessions, you have essentially ‘finished’ the Energetic Alignment process and you do not need to have the treatment over again. However, we do find that the structure that has been put in place continues to develop over the next 9 to 12 months and during that time many people feel that they benefit from the continued support of returning to receive an Energetic Alignment top-up. This is like adding extra layers or paint, or additional insulation, to a house you’ve built. It’s simply making it stronger. Like all aspects of Energetic Alignment, the desire for ongoing sessions is very individual and I simply suggest that you listen to yourself. If you feel out of sorts or life throws challenges your way then book in a top up. I personally liked the support of monthly sessions for the first year or so and now I like to treat myself by being on the other side of the table once or twice a year..

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

how often should i have my sessions?

Carrying out the treatment on a weekly basis allows time for the integration of each session on all levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally, before moving onto the next step. Some people do choose to have their sessions less frequently (e.g fortnightly or even monthly) due to work, schedule or financial considerations. Whatever works for you is fine with us!

Is there a minimum (or maximum) age for energetic alignment?

Absolutely not! Energetic Alignment is a gentle process and everyone takes what they need from the sessions. Children can have energetic alignment (both my 8 & 9 year old boys have had their full 12 sessions and often ask for a ‘top up’ when they’re feeling out of sorts). While the children’s sessions do tend to be shorter than the adult ones, they will still need to be able to stay relatively still for about 15- 20 mins or so on a massage table. Often when someone has Energetic Alignment, they like their partner or family to experience it too. By all means suggest that they try a session however you will find some people and ready for it and some aren’t. Either way, changes will happen in the home simply by you working on yourself 🙂

Do I have to have all 12 sessions?

Energetic Alignment is one complete treatment broken into 12 sessions where each one builds on the last. It is therefore most beneficial to have all 12 sessions. However, session 1 can be carried out as a standalone energy healing session. Just having that one session can start to create shifts and bring back a sense of calm and balance so if you can only commit to one session, you will still benefit from it greatly.

Do I need to come back for top-up sessions after my treatment is complete?

Some clients enjoy coming back regularly for a top up session after their 12 weeks while other clients may only return now and then when they feel the need for extra support.

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