Exercise Physiology

Rehabilitation, pain and injury management

Exercise Physiologists (EP) are university qualified health proffesionals specifically trained to restore range of motion, strength without compensation and to prevent re-injury during the recovery process. The EP can also provide the patient with specific guidelines to allow optimal healing.

How it works?

After a thorough evaluation by an EP, goals will be set to restore normal movement, flexibility and function. The EP and patient will work together to establish functional goals related to resuming normal activities of living as well as preventing an injury from recurring. We will then design an exercise program tailored specific to your needs, abilities, and work.


Help control weight 

Improve your mental health and mood

Strengthen muscles and Bones


Your Therapist

Tai is an exercise physiologist who believes any movement is better than no movement

After Care

Care and Support

Regular follow ups post sessions

Gym visits to assist with exercises or queries

How I can Help

Whether your goal is to lose weight, recover from an injury or simply strength and conditioning. we can help. We are registered with over 30 private health insurance companies so it is that much easier to claim a rebate for services rendered.

Bulk Billed Treatment

People who have ongoing health conditions are now able to receive Medicare rebates for a number of sessions with an Exercise Physiologist. You will need to speak with your GP and ask for a referral

Department of Veteran Affairs Eligible

We are a registered provider for veteran services, having had several years experience working with veterans pre and post service. 

Call us to find out more

National Disability services

Your exercise physiologist treat multiple chronic conditions such as: Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Acquired Brain Injuries etc.

Private indiviualised sessions

Tailored holistic services for individuals and groups to achieve desired goals. Feel free to contact us for pricing and queries

What conditions can be treated?

  • Pain

  • Stiffness and Aches

  • Weight gain

  • Falls history

  • Strength and Muscle loss

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Cholestrol 

Your Therapist

About Tai

Tai is an Accredited exercise physiologist (EP) and exercise scientist with several years of experience in the industry. The reason he became an EP was because of an achillies tendon injury he suffered, which left him unable to walk for a few months. It was the dilligent work of allied health proffesionals (especially EP’s) who got him back on his feet. As a result he now wants to provide the same kind of dilligent care and compassion to his clients

 But What About After?

How to Maintain Your Results

Keep a record of your progress

Download an activity tracker app or keep a diary of your activity. Make a time to perform your activity and perform activity, challenge yourself to beat your personal best, keep progressing and recording your progress

Stay Active

Keep moving. Do not let yourself sit down for more than 3hrs. As I always say, any movement is better than no movement at all 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Can I lose 5kg in 1 month

Yes you can but it is not advisable. Weightloss is a journey not a quick trip, It is easier to keep the weight off when you remember how long it took you to get there and the difficulties along the way

Will my pain ever go away?

It depends on your cause of pain. We have helped reduced pain for people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, joint pain, pre and post recon

How do I know if I need to see an EP or a physio

Physio’s treat and diagnose injuries or condition which are acute (short term), and EP’s (exercise physiologists) treat more long term conditions that impact a persons overall health

Do you provide a home visit or gym visit service

Yes we provide site visits to assess the type of equipement clients have access to. Give us a call to ask us more 

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